World of Warcraft VS. Everquest: Which is the Better MMORPG?

In the world of massive multiplayer online role playing games, two of the giants are World of Warcraft (WoW) and Everquest (EQ). Those who play EQ tend to make fun of those who play WoW and vise versa. Both games have similarities as well as the differences. Both games have a massive amount of people who play them and tend to get addicted to them. WoW and EQ have the ability to claim themselves as two of the best games in the role playing world. Both are constantly attracting new players everyday and have the ability to hold on to old players.
Both games allow people to try the game out for a certain amount of time. WoW has a ten day trial while EQ has a fourteen day trial. While you can test the game out for yourself there are some things you are limited to doing. WoW for instance you are unable to trade, get mail, and whisper someone who is not on your friends list. You can test out any race and any class that you so desire. A suggestion while in a trial account is to try out every race and class until you find one you enjoy playing the most. While WoW has about 5 or 6 classes EQ has 16 different classes a person can try. They both have shaman, priest (or cleric), wizard, mage, warrior, rouge, and an archer (ranger in EQ or Hunter in WoW).

The graphics and sounds of both games are comparable, sometimes the sounds in WoW can get annoying because they tend to be the same sounds over and over again. With EQ, the more people you have in a particular zone, your computer my lag and go slower than other parts of the game. I experienced this in WoW as well, but not as often as in EQ. In EQ it is easy to tell if a mob is a higher level than you are because their names are highlighted in a certain color. WoW on the other hand is a little bit harder; you need to pay attention to the level number in the corner of their names.

In WoW one of the major leveling components is performing various quests one may find in a city. Different classes may also have their own quest. A hunter wouldn’t have the Garments of the Moon quest that a priest would have. There are times when a quest is easier to do in a group and sometimes you are able to share a quest with the members of your group. In EQ most of the leveling is done by attacking and killing as many mobs as you can. Some of this can be done in a group as well. The higher level you get the more necessary a group becomes. In EQ it seems to be easier to gain money while in WoW you really need to work at it in order to get enough for supplies you need for either your profession (alchemy, skinning, tailoring, etc) or your magic if you have them. While in EQ you do need to spend money on the same things, it’s easier to gain more when you do need more.

At early levels in WoW your character can survive on armor you find on things you kill, while in EQ you do need to buy certain pieces of armor to be at full capacity of power. Both games allow you to learn different secondary skills such as first aid, cooking and fishing, EQ also has brewing (you can make your own alcohol) and a few others. These skills can help you farther along in the game. Alchemy helps you create potions for healing, strength, and mana. All of which you can sell to other players or merchants to get more money. This profession is coupled with herbalism to get the herbs one needs to create the potions in WoW.

Both games are bought in stores or online and then players pay a fee each month to keep playing, generally it is around 15 dollars a month. As each game becomes more popular expansion packs come out with more zones and abilities that one wouldn’t have without this pack. WoW’s trial account offers a free month when you upgrade from a trial to full paying account. That’s one incentive for people to play WoW over EQ. The people who play WoW seem to be more helpful than those in EQ. Both games you can join a guild, but in EQ some of the guild have requirements and don’t accept all races and classes as many guilds do in WoW. The people are different and play the game differently as well. Seems in EQ the players are more role playing than in WoW; they get into their characters and act as such.

If you are searching for a great massive player online role playing game I suggest trying to the trial accounts of both Everquest and World of Warcraft to decide which game you prefer. Both games have numerous servers and numerous players, you are bound to meet someone new. Sometimes it’s also easy when you know someone who plays as I have with both games. Check out both games, and happy playing.