World of Warcraft Best Demon Hunter Build


This is undoubtedly the most sought-after question in the World of Warcraft platform. Ever since the revealing of DHs before the launch of the Legion expansion, players have been wondering which is the best build for Demon Hunters. That’s the primary reason why we had taken it upon our shoulders to provide the answer. We will also be covering every angle possible for the Demon Hunters to gain a proper insight into the most optimal build for your character.

The Two Distinctive Demon Hunter Specialization Trees: Havoc and Vengeance

To put it in simple terms, Havoc is for DPS specialized players while Vengeance is for players who are specialized in Tanking. Basically, Havoc is the best option to go for in PVP scenarios, as well as if you’re trying to top-off the damage charts in raids. It permits single-target burst damage while providing great mobility and versatile cooldowns for any situation that you face. However, it’s not always useful since Havoc relies upon Critical Strikes to fuel DPS, and that can be kind of inconsistent. Apart from that, since your AOE is connected to cooldowns, it can disrupt the sustainable damage output.

Speaking in terms of Vengeance, it is for the players who fancy Tanking, as it provides an interesting combo of both; damage reduction and healing. Its potential high burst healing, along with the mitigation of magic damage frequently received, makes it a viable Demon Hunter for Tanking purposes.

Demon Hunter Builds: PVP and PVE

Since Demon Hunter wow aren’t the only PVP war machines, they can just as extraordinary during raid encounters. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the most optimal talent builds for PVP and PVE.

1. Havoc: Maximum PVE DPS

Fellblade at level 99 demon hunter wow, Demon Blades at level 100, Chaos Cleave at level 102, Soul Rending at level 104, Nemesis at level 106, Demon Reborn at level 108, and Chaos Blades at level 110. What do you understand by the words mentioned above? Well, let me clear it for you since it’s a straightforward 2-2-1-3-3-1 Havoc build that has its entire focus on single-target DPS. If you require more AOE damage, you can always swap Chaos Blades for Fel Barrage. Yes, there are plenty of alternatives that effects the overall performance of your Demon Hunter. So, feel free to tweak and adjust it according to your preference.

Stats Priority: Critical Strike, Haste, Versatility, Agility, and Mastery.

2. Vengeance: Easy Mode Tank

Abyssal Strike at level 99, Fallout at level 100 for demon hunter shadowlands, Flame Crash at level 102, Fracture at level 104, Quickened Sigils at level 106, Spirit Bomb at level 108, and Last Resort at level 110. The mentioned 1-2-2-2-3-3-1 talent build is quite ideal, but if you want, you can change the Abyssal Strike for Agonizing Flames for additional AOE damage. However, it may affect your mobility. If you are an experienced Demon Hunter player, someone who raids at Mythic+ level, or if you have newly joined and lack in experience – this build is quite easy to digest for demon hunter shadowlands.

Stats Priority: Haste (Mastery After 20%), Versatility, Haste, and Critical Strike.

Mythic+ Difficulty Stats Priority: Mastery, Versatility, Haste, and Critical Strike.

Additional DPS Stats Priority: Critical Strike, Versatility, Mastery, and Haste.

3. Havoc: Ultimate PVP

Felblade at level 99, Demon Blades at level 100, First Blood at level 102, Soul Rending at level 104, Nemesis at level 106, Unleashed Power at level 108, and Chaos Blades at level 110 for wow DH. 2-2-2-3-3-2-1 talent distribution is the way to go, as it ensures that you effectively defeat the enemies before you in PVP scenarios. Similar to the above builds, you can tweak and adjust this one according to your preferences. However, make sure that you are familiarized with your abilities to optimize your PVP DPS output and survivability chances.

Since you can use Honor Talent Tree in PVP situations for wow DH, here’s a good 1-2-1-2-1-2 Havoc Honor PVP Talent Build – Gladiator’s Medallion at Tier 1, Reinforced Armor at Tier 2, Solitude at Tier 3, Reverse Magic at Tier 4, Demonic Origins at Tier 5, and Detainment at Tier 6.

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