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Thunder Force IV – Space battles with epic soundtrack!

Thunder Force IV - Space battles with epic soundtrack!

Several video games have marked Mega Drive throughout its life, however a style that has all the time attracted the attention of the followers is the shoot'em up, additionally affectionately recognized by the Brazilians as “navinha” video games, that made lovely in the console of (19659002) Because the release of “Thunder Pressure II” (one of many first video games of the style) to seem on the console) Mega Drive was probably the greatest homes for any such recreation with countless unforgettable titles, considered one of them being “Thunder Pressure IV” (also called Lightning Drive: Quest for the Darkstar), released on July 27 1992.

Though considerably forgotten at this time, the collection “Thunder Pressure” made history within the 80's and 90's, marking an entire era of players. Produced by the late Technosoft, the first recreation was released in 1984 for Japanese computer systems of the time, nevertheless it was on Mega Drive that the collection turned recognized and the place it had found the right place for their games.

Behind the Thunder Drive [19659002] To study more concerning the story of “Thunder Drive IV”, it's greatest to try the historical past of the previous video games, because it's a direct sequel to them:

Thunder Pressure: The ORN empire (the game's villains) fortress on an asteroid referred to as the Dyradeizer. These galactic terrorists have the mission of destroying the Galactic Federation (the great guys). This stronghold, which along with possessing a strong army armament, counts on an impenetrable subject of drive across the asteroid, with its pressure turbines hidden in a number of places by ORN. To destroy the Dyradeizer, the Galactic Federation sends its greatest pilot in its greatest battle ship, the “Hearth Leo”, to find and destroy the turbines of the drive area and thus destroy Dyradeizer.

Thunder Drive

Thunder Drive II: Dyradeizer was destroyed, however the ORN had not but been defeated. The ORN empire creates a strong new area battle station, Plealos. Utilizing this station the ORN once more assaults the Galactic Federation. The incessant attack leads to the destruction of the Federation's allied planet, Reda, and a serious destruction on the planet Nebula, which is serving as the idea for Plealos. The Federation devises a plan of assault and develops a new fight vessel, the Hearth Leo 2 “Exceliza”, to destroy the base of the ORN in Nebula, along with Plealos.

Thunder Pressure II

Thunder Pressure III: On this third episode the story takes place 100 years after the primary recreation and shortly after the second. Apparently, despite its victories up to now, the Galactic Federation is just not doing very nicely towards the battle with the ORN Empire, which put in disguise apparatus on the 5 fundamental planets in its area territory where its principal base is concentrated, making it troublesome for the Federation locate and assault its headquarters. As well as, ORN has constructed a protection system referred to as “Cerberus”, whose specialty is to neutralize and destroy giant spacecraft and area fleets. Figuring out this, the Federation creates the Hearth Leo three “Styx”, a smaller ship in order that it was not detected by Cerberus, however outfitted with heavy armaments of a stellar cruiser. The Federation sends Styx on the mission to destroy the 5 disguise units, infiltrate the ORN base and destroy his emperor, the “Chaos” bio-computer.

Thunder Pressure III

Thunder Drive IV: And eventually we get to the point. Soon after the defeat of the ORN Empire in the third recreation, the Galactic Federation begins to obtain frequent assaults of a hostile army, recognized like Kha-Oss-Legion, a military shaped by the remaining allied forces of the ORN of the planet Vios. The Federation locates its headquarters on the planet Aceria and assaults, but the power of the enemy forces grew as a lot as that of the ORN Empire, which simply destroys its attackers. Once once more, a strong new ship is constructed, the Hearth Leo 4 “Rynex”, with the mission to destroy the forces of Vios. This is your ship and that is where the sport begins.

Thunder Pressure IV

Lovely area battles

“Thunder Drive III” already introduced wonderful graphics when it was launched, however the fourth recreation has gone nicely past, presenting unbelievable situations that impress for its top quality, a piece of visual artwork for sure. There might be 10 levels of probably the most assorted inventive designs, with planets, area, underwater, desert, ruins, fortresses and so forth. In addition to the well-made, colorful and super-detailed visuals, the game features a whole lot of probably the most diversified enemies portray on the display.

There are stage bosses who occupy your complete display, some are so giant that they cannot fit on the display like a big area cruiser. There are various effects on the graphics, like the ocean in the background, underneath the water, the storm within the desert, when touring at the velocity of sunshine, explosions, hearth planet, and so forth.

One of many results that the majority impress is using parallax (move backgrounds at totally different speeds), definitely one of many games that greatest used this system within the period of 16 bits. The clouds, the mountains, the waves of the seas, the area ships in area, the ruins, the erupting volcanoes, amongst other issues, move on a number of totally different planes, it’s all very impressive and really properly achieved

One other characteristic quite fascinating is the freedom of movement in some phases. For example, within the first part, situated on Planeta Strite (which serves as a training base for enemies), whenever you purpose your ship up it is going to be within the clouds, or when you choose to go down in the identical state of affairs, it is going to be between mountains or oceans. Many phases give this risk of selection, which makes area adventure extra thrilling.

Along with the gorgeous graphics, Technosoft also caprichou in the soundtrack, probably the greatest that already had the pleasure to play within the audio chips of the Mega Drive. Those who take pleasure in good rock will love the songs, principally composed of electrifying sounds that emulate powerful guitars, bass guitars, backdrops, keyboards and a nerve-wracking drum that accompanies the gorgeous melodies.

Every stage grasp has his personal theme musical (as in previous video games), often a strong rock that provides the right environment for epic area combat. There are other musical types current, with a extra digital footprint – themes reminiscent of Metallic Squad, Stand Up Towards Myself, Lightning Strikes Again, Preventing Back and Sand Hell masterfully make the most of the FM synthesizer of the Megaman!

Special effects are also great, particularly within the sounds of explosions, which provides us a feeling of satisfaction after defeating that massive and painful enemy. We even have digitized voices in an excellent high quality, when accumulating the weapons it is potential to listen to clearly phrases like Blade, Rail Gun, Defend, among different things.

The gameplay is virtually the identical as “Thunder Drive III”, where we control the ship with the directional ones, with one of many buttons altering the velocity (necessary to cross in some slender aisles), with one other serving as a trigger for the attacks and the third to modify weapons.

The sport gives a number of varieties of weapons, some coming from previous titles, others totally new and to get properly right here, the suggestion is that you simply dominate all of them and know the most effective occasions to use each.

The problem of the sport is insane, probably the most troublesome video games on Mega Drive, but fortunately there are not any problems like slowdowns, even with lots of of enemies and photographs on the display , Which is excellent. Some levels will cross at an absurd velocity, and you’ll have to rely on your reflexes and skills with the controls, as many enemies and photographs confuse themselves with the state of affairs behind.

As in “Thunder Pressure III”, it’s attainable choose the order of the primary 4 levels. Already the subsequent six will cross one after the other, within the traditional means. After the fifth stage your ship will achieve a Power-up, a further cannon with a extra powerful shot referred to as the Laser Shot, which releases a strong beam of power, toasting everybody around.

The sport is actually very troublesome , anybody who just isn’t accustomed will die one life after another. However don’t worry, the fun is guaranteed and also you'll spend hours enjoying till you figure out the way to kill the bosses or even undergo that flirting part. The motion by no means stops, as quickly as you finish a part, the music from the subsequent space begins to play and you’re thrown to the lions once more.

Luckily for assist there are scattered Shields (not many, take pleasure in nicely whenever you find one) permitting your ship takes a number of beats without being destroyed and there are additionally some additional lives, with out saying a superb amount of continues. Nevertheless, if you don’t contemplate yourself the most effective pilot in the galaxy, then some modifications may be essential on the Choices display (A + Begin), where you’ll be able to choose the problem (from Straightforward to Maniac).

Among the best collection of “navinha” that has appeared in the video games, it has made history in the time of the 16 Bits and hundreds of completely happy Mega Drive house owners. “Thunder Pressure IV” is a masterpiece of the style, featuring magnificent visuals, good soundtrack, wonderful gameplay, insane problem and guaranteed fun. A recreation more than really helpful for many who have a Mega Drive.

Curiosities: In all, the collection had six video games launched, being the last of 2008 for PS2; The Rynex ship, of Thunder Pressure IV, appeared like boss in the following two games; The unique developer, Technosoft, went bankrupt in 2001, however its gaming catalog was purchased by Sega in 2016, including the Thunder Drive franchise.