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Sonic the Hedgehog – An icon is born in the world of games!


In the early 1990s, Sega was on the lookout for a character who might symbolize and translate their profile as a gaming company (one of the biggest of the time, by the best way), in addition to with the ability to symbolize Mega Drive, which was already out there and was very successful particularly in the USA (like Genesis).

And so, with all this strain, was born “Sonic The Hedgehog”, who took this troublesome process for himself. The hedgehog has been arguing with Nintendo's Mario for the title of “greatest mascot” for the nostalgic years of the previous many years, in a competition that generated a show of creativity and inventiveness that may mark an period.

Before the corporate turned softhouse dedicated to the manufacturing of video games, Sonic was unique franchise for units manufactured by Sega. It isn’t recognized if that is why, however the Sonic video games at the moment had a much more exclusive and special air. And it was precisely this uniqueness that stored even the earliest video games of the hedgehog in our memory to this present day.

Recreation designer Yuji Naka and the character design Naoto Oshima

The character was designed by Yuji Naka, who led a staff composed of such great names as Naoto Ohshima and Hirokazu Yasuhara, in addition to the fantastic songs of Masato Nakamura from the Japanese band Goals Come True.

In 1991, Sega shook entertainment business with the creation of “Sonic The Hedgehog”, the character who took benefit of the fast processor of the console (the quickest era of the 16 Bits!) and reinvented the “sensation of velocity” in the video games

It is very important notice that Sonic was not just “one other recreation” available on the market. No, it was of much higher significance than that, and considered one of them was to spur Mega Drive gross sales with a robust influence on the competing Super Nintendo coupled with an aggressive advertising marketing campaign devised by legendary Sega of America CEO Tom Kalinske.

His commercials on TV showed Sonic as a “cool” character, dynamic and filled with angle, in comparison with the primary rival, Mario, a uninteresting plumber, sluggish and without attraction to young individuals.


preliminary sketches of the character and situations

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character sketches and situations

] A Blue and A Speedy Blur

Very properly! We’ve a personality with a cool and superior look (blue, with radical “hair” and a pleasant pair of purple footwear impressed by Michael Jackson, simply to distinction).

Needless to say even then (as as we speak), the leisure business was bombarding the public with numerous numbers of people, and it was not enough to create a character that might mark the period and grow to be the symbol of Sega. characters. If we would like a personality who will stand out in entrance of this more and more artistic market, we’ll need something more … So, what component did the designers of Sega use to make Sonic an unforgettable character? One word: SPEED


The sport of the hedgehog showed one thing unprecedented, taking video video games to a new degree via velocity! Quicker phases than ever earlier than, which confirmed console processing energy, motion and journey with never-before-seen gameplay, have been just some of the breakthrough innovations that rocked the competitors and served as a divisive within the history of Sega and video games

Loops, for instance, have been one thing totally new and unique at the time! There was not a character who moved so fast on the display!

Saving the Forest to the Animals

The journey takes place on an island filled with natural beauties and hidden treasures, where Sonic and his animal pals stay in harmony and tranquility.

This island is sustained by the facility of special stones, the Chaos Emeralds, which are a mysterious and highly effective source of energy. In a sure day this peace and stability is shaken with the arrival of a loopy scientist, Dr. Robotnik (or Dr Eggman) who determined to overcome the world of Sonic and make of all his slaves.


Robotnik begins capturing the animals of the island and turns them into robots (often known as Badniks), thus creating a big and highly effective army, with the objective of attaining the Chaos Emerald to dominate the planet. the world's quickest hedgehog can stop him, aiming to reunite all Chaos Emeralds and thwart the villain's plans. Nice heroes need nice villains: and Dr. Robotnik was very nicely deliberate, is a really hanging and unique character, who makes fascinating and curious appearances on the finish of the phases, making an attempt to end the hedgehog together with his mirabolantes machines.


Amassing Rings and Emeralds

In the course of the course of the game, you have to acquire numerous rings, which have turn into one of many logos of the collection. All the levels are crowded with the golden circles which might be spinning in mid-air. They serve to increase your probabilities of being profitable with Sonic and in case you get 100 of them (or 200), earn an additional life. In case you are hit by an enemy or endure any type of injury, you lose all of your rings (or perhaps a life, when you hit without any of them).

Another detail that has turn into traditional in video games of the collection are the Chaos Emeralds. On this recreation, they need to be collected in particular levels, accessible solely when amassing 50 rings or more at the finish of the levels.

As well as, there are also some gadgets and extras obtainable on screens to assist in your in-game performance. You possibly can rely on a defend, which permits Sonic to endure injury without dropping the rings he collected; an item that causes the character to be surrounded by “flashing” lights, crossing obstacles and enemies with out being harm; the basic “footwear” that additional improve the velocity of Sonic (the track of the sport till accelerating pace), screens with rings and additional lives (these often properly hidden or troublesome to access).

Sonic turned a gross sales hit when it was launched, because of the truth that it was released in the early 1990s.


To play and luxuriate in

its lovely colorful, detailed and really properly made visuals. Yuji Naka and his group have been very artistic and have labored out lengthy phases with interacting parts akin to shifting timber, waterfalls in the background, clouds in the sky, and so on.

The situations within the background are fantastic, richly detailed and colourful , it is inconceivable not to be drawn to this world that Naka created, passing via inexperienced fields, lava rivers, the interior of a ruined citadel, a labyrinth of stones underwater (Sonic doesn’t know the way to swim, he will need to breathe of occasions in time) reaching the fortress of Robotnik. To take pleasure in the great thing about the phases whereas enjoying, which has motion both horizontally and vertically.


But not solely the situations and the characters are very properly achieved, all with a superb measurement and detail on the display. Sonic himself has brilliant animations, which change at any second depending on the motion. There are animations of Sonic operating, falling, pushing things, about to fall and naturally, his well-known animation stopped standing impatiently stamping his ft.

Other characters resembling robotic enemies and Robotnik himself additionally gained very well-made visuals . The long phases and artistic enemies will be sure that you don’t get sick of this recreation fast and the fun is guaranteed.

Beware of clues, lots of them will persuade you to run at full velocity via them, and some end up resulting in traps, like thorns, holes and lavas. Many levels are long and hide secrets and techniques and secret passages along the best way, valuing the exploration situation.


Additionally on the 8 Bits!

“Sonic the Hedgehog” was originally designed for the Mega Drive, nevertheless it also appeared in an unprecedented (and no much less impressive) adventure on 8-bit platforms: the Sega Master System and the moveable Recreation Gear.

Launched a couple of months later, the Grasp System / Recreation version Gear is similar to the Mega Drive model, however bringing some new layouts to the situations. The sport was developed by Sega in partnership with the Historic studio, founded by the legendary composer Yuzo Koshiro (yes, that very same of the games Shinobi and Streets of Rage) – was the primary work of his firm.


As in the Mega Drive model, the design of the levels in 8 Bit techniques abuses the velocity factor. In addition, like all platform recreation of excellent high quality, the title presents a great amount of obstacles, enemy robots, holes filled with thorns, platforms movable and so on. All permeated also by a light-weight and easy gameplay. However what most marks the adventure are the loopings, springs, ramps and other details that accentuates the velocity of the character and widens its displacement on the display.


Be in its unique version in Mega Drive or in its variations for Grasp and Recreation Gear, our previous blue pal pointed out one of the biggest classics in the history of video video games. This primary recreation marks probably the greatest and most enjoyable adventures of Sonic. It’s a excellent recreation to play and relive the reminiscences of a time that I missed. Who will overlook about Inexperienced Hill, with its basic “little flowers” and shifting sunflowers, the unforgettable coconut palms and the everlasting gridiron?

“Sonic The Hedgehog” was a recreation created with a whole lot of creativity and ingenuity. The success and success of this primary recreation (each in its model of Mega Drive and in Eight Bits) not solely created a sample to be reproduced in future video games, however consolidated Sonic as one of the crucial unique characters ever created. Proof that the hedgehog is right here to stay!