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Prepare the nostalgia and check out interview with Luiz Curado, winner of the Supergame championship in 1992

Prepare the nostalgia and check out interview with Luiz Curado, winner of the Supergame championship in 1992

In final month we posted in our social networks a video – watch under – of a report on the First Brazilian Olympics of Videogames, made by Supergame in 1992 and counting with 18 rivals – 17 boys and a woman

We realized that the nostalgia of this event hit lots in our readers, so we searched and located one of many rivals, Luiz Reginaldo Almeida Fleury Curado, who gained the championship in the Grasp System class.

He gave us a detailed account of how this was unforgettable expertise that counted as a prize a visit to Disney! Prepare for nostalgia and are available again to the 90s with Luiz's reminiscences of this unforgettable event!

* A number of years in the past Luiz informed his story to Daniel Lemes of Memória Bit, along with different members,

My story with the videogame could be very previous, and I can say that it is extremely previous, and I can say that it is extremely previous.


Luiz, tell your story with video games and Supergame championship.

I should have been between 5 and 6 years of age when my father brought me and my brother, for Christmas, a Atari 2600 . Subsequent to the videogame came a cartridge, Bobby is Going House which I should have played tens of millions of occasions.

Bobby is Going House

Virtually all the boys in my business additionally had an Atari. A number of them I ended up attending to know concerning the online game. I keep in mind one in every of them commented that there was a boy who had a recreation referred to as Jungle Hunt which I had not played but, and who stated it was actually cool. I grabbed my shoebox, where I stored my “Atari tapes” and went to that boy's home. When he answered the door I requested if he needed to vary tapes. And that day began a friendship that lasts till as we speak.

A number of years later, at college, a pal requested me if I might take the video game at my house to play. He stated that his mother wouldn’t let him play through the week, so he had taken the online game to high school, hidden in his backpack, to play at my home after class.

On that day my father, watching us each enjoying Alex Kidd in Miracle World requested me which online game was that. And I replied that it was the Master System the video game that each one the boys have been enjoying. I defined to my father what the variations have been from that online game to Atari, that the Master System had 256 colours, that Atari 16. That it was an 8-bit online game, a new era of video games.

And I keep in mind, how if it was immediately, the day my father took me to the mall, saying that we might go there to have ice cream. We walked into the American Stores, he asked me what video game I was enjoying with that pal of mine that different day. I showed the Grasp System on the shelf. He asked the vendor how a lot it value. And asked him to get one, which he would take. And that day I gained my Grasp System.

Along with the video game, my father also stated that I might select a recreation. I chose Choplifter a cheaper cartridge, 1 mega. There was also the R-Sort of four megs, however it was far more costly, and it was out of the query to take it.


I keep in mind fondly that day, because I’m conscious that my father, at the moment, couldn’t give me that online game. Cut up the cost into as many installments as potential. But even with out circumstances he did it for me, because I knew it was something I needed very much.

After a while, the Mega Drive appeared. An aunt needed to purchase for my cousins, and she or he requested me to help her with that purchase. It was me, this aunt, my mom and my brother. My aunt bought one for my cousins, and my mother additionally bought one for me.

Then came the Super Nintendo. And all the boys in Goiânia solely stated that in VideoGamia had arrived one, and that it was attainable to pay to play in it. Videogamy was a video games retailer that opened in the metropolis, the primary of its type. I went there to satisfy that video game.

It was on a 21-inch flat-screen TV with stereo sound. And I was speechless once I saw Mario getting into the primary Super Mario World fort, as a result of the sound was loud and made the walls of the shop vibrate. It was a direct passion. Now I needed a Tremendous Nintendo.

But as I stated before, we didn’t have such a very good financial condition. Although I had an Atari, a Master System and a Mega Drive at house, we didn’t even have an digital video cassette that everybody had at house. My father stated that I already had three video video games, and that I couldn’t afford yet one more. That even was very costly …

Then VideoGamia decided to do a Mega Drive championship. The sport was Sonic and anybody who arrived on the finish of the sport quicker would win a Tremendous Nintendo (truly, the Japanese console, the Tremendous Famicom). My brother and I noticed the opportunity to get the dreamed SNES. And that day we made a deal: one among us would win that championship.

Sonic The Hedgehog

And we educated. We educated quite a bit. I figured that on championship day would have a number of boys screaming in our ear just to take our focus off, so I educated at residence with the TV sound at most quantity. To coach my concentration, my focus. To be attentive to the sport, and solely to the game, even when the world was falling round me. I needed that videogame, and the way I needed it!

On the championship day there have been two TVs. My brother and I have been positioned aspect by aspect to play. And as soon as we began, the boys started yelling that we have been enjoying just the identical. To take a look at one television and the other was the identical, one appeared to mirror the opposite. Who was profitable the championship until then was a boy named José Guilherme (who a number of years later was the champion in the Mega Drive class of the Supergame contest). He had come to the top of Sonic in 30 minutes.

I did not win this VideoGame Championship. I was second. However my brother gained. And that day we turned recognized throughout the town as “the brothers of the video game.” I arrived at the end of the sport in 28 minutes and a half, and my brother managed in 28 minutes. And the house owners of the video retailer, Abel and Meire, whom I keep in mind very fondly, gave my brother the much-anticipated videogame. I acquired, for the second place, the cartridge The Revenge of Shinobi which I played until I might not be on Mega Drive, and that till as we speak is one in every of my favorite games.

The Revenge of Shinobi

The game stores, in Goiânia, started to appear all over the place. And, as was inevitable, there was an enormous championship within the metropolis, sponsored by numerous corporations. The championship was Mega Drive and was going to be held at a serious shopping center within the city, Bogainville Mall. And a video retailer, GameMania understanding that my brother and I had gained the VideoGamia championship, contacted us saying they needed to sponsor us. We might decide up whatever recreation he needed. We might play within the retailer as a lot as we needed. And on the day of the championship we might wear a shirt with the identify of the store. On that day I used to be getting right into a group, together with other boys, the dream of every gamer.

In this league as soon as once more I found Jose Guilherme. And in addition many good players. Among them was Eudes Shiraishi, proprietor of Video games Membership, then the town's largest gaming store. He was also collaborating within the championship. I managed to qualify for the ultimate, and in addition Jose Guilherme. The game of the final can be chosen between QuackShot Decap Attack and another I can not keep in mind. It will win the championship who came to the top of the sport quicker. In order that they raffled Decap Attack, and I gained. José Guilherme took second place.

Decap Assault

The prize was a trip to observe a Components 1 race in São Paulo. As I used to be not entitled to the companion, and I was not even 15 years previous, I most popular to take the cash from the trip and save for at some point to purchase a Sega CD .

Then got here the championship of the journal [ActionGames. And the championship worked like this: anyone who needed to qualify for the final must take a photo of their report and ship it to the journal. There were several categories, and you may hit the photograph of a recreation from Grasp System, Mega Drive, Nintendo or Super Nintendo to attempt to qualify. The Grasp recreation was Area Harrier and it was the one I chose to hit my report. Once again we played collectively, me and my brother. We despatched our pictures and we managed to qualify, each of us. We competed in the championship with the others, I went to the ultimate and I used to be second. My brother was in fourth place.

What I needed most, in this championship, was not the prize, but the title. Throughout my historical past with the online game, I needed to be the champion. But I was not. Cláudio Tomé dos Santos, a paulista, played higher than me and took the deserved first place. And next to the prize, the title of champion.

Championship Action Video games

Then came the championship of SuperGame . And now, the qualifying spherical to play in the finals in Sao Paulo would occur for several months. And there can be two classes: Master System and Mega Drive. Each month there was a special recreation to hit the photograph and to qualify.

All the boys from Goiania simply talked about it, they have been hitting their data and sending it to the magazine.

Within the second month, the shock: I used to be capable of qualify for the Master System category. And that month, within the Mega Drive class, Jose Guilherme was additionally capable of qualify. The following month, to my surprise, two different boys in my business have been capable of qualify in the same class as me: Márcio and Dani.

I keep in mind in the future when he rang the telephone and it was Eudes, owner of Video games Club, wanting to talk to me. He stated he needed to sponsor me for the Supergame championship. He stated that I might decide up his recreation from Grasp's, Mega's and Super Nintendo's. I might play NeoGeo if I needed to play within the arcade machines, he would give me the chips. He additionally stated that if I found a recreation in another store, and he did not have that recreation, I might get it. And he would pay the lease.

And I did it. I performed all the Master video games I might discover in the Goiânia shops. I played Mega Drive, I played Super Nintendo.

José Guilherme was sponsored by Video games Membership, as have been Márcio and Dani. As the 2 had qualified for the Master System class, they proposed to train with me. But soon within the early days I noticed that their intention was to know my methods, not share their methods with me. I informed them, then, that I might practice alone.

Sweeping the videogame video stores of Goiânia, I discovered rare video games of Master System. They might find out and ask our sponsor to name me saying that I should lend the sport to them to train as properly. They usually took these video games with me and they did not give me back.

As I could not rely on the games, to train, I started to videotape some performs. I might put the video to spin, take management, sit in entrance of the television and memorize the performs with the online game off. It sounded crazy, but that's how I educated. I recorded my performs on Sonic, Paperboy, Sonic 2, and a number of other different games.

Once we went to São Paulo to play the championship, I made it some extent to get there sporting the Games Membership shirt. It was the least I might do for Eudes, who loaned me video games from his music retailer, which allowed me to play there once I needed to, who paid for rentals I made at different corporations. It was the least I might do for someone who held out my hand, who believed in me.

On the championship day there can be a semifinal, and only 4 individuals would go to the ultimate in each class. The video games no one knew what it might be. It was then introduced that we might play within the semi-final Gauntlet a recreation that had not but been released in Brazil that neither I nor anybody else had played there before. At the very least not within the Grasp System. I had this recreation on Nintendo, but I by no means had a Nintendo.


Within the championship, what was value was the rating that may be on the display when the organizing committee decreed the top of the drums. Regardless of what number of occasions you died, what was value was what was on the display on the time of “cease.” In case you died, your factors can be zero.

The semifinal began. Beside each player was a controller controlling the time. I noticed several individuals dying and starting the game again from the start, with the rating zeroed. I used to be preventing for it not to happen to me.

Then one of many inspectors introduced that it was one minute to complete the semifinal. I appeared to the aspect, and saw Dani and Márcio drop management, saying they have been stopping to get the rating that was on the display. That they had much more factors than I did. And other members have been in entrance of me.

And it was at that moment that I closed my eyes, and requested God to assist me. And once I opened my eyes, the word Bonus Stage appeared on the display. It was a stage where you gained a number of points, however you had to discover the best way out for the factors to be counted.

The prosecutor started the countdown to complete the semifinal, and I used to be choosing up all the rafters I might, trying to find the best way out . “Ten,” “nine,” “eight,” the prosecutor stated, and I ran to the exit. When he finally shouted “One, it's over!”, I walked in the exit, and the dots started to spin on the display. The prosecutor was alarmed, saying that he couldn’t see the rating, that he needed to cease that rely. Somebody stated he could not cease turning the numbers.

When the numbers stopped spinning, the surprise: I was in second place, and I might go to the ultimate. Dani had come first.

To everybody's surprise, there have been three Goiás within the ultimate of the Grasp System class. Márcio and Daniel Pontes, the youngest of the rivals current, also made it to the final. And Jose Guilherme had also qualified for the ultimate within the Mega class in the first place.

They stated then that the final recreation can be drawn. They usually announced that it will be Sonic 2 .

Márcio and Dani celebrated this selection as a result of that they had performed this recreation rather a lot. They have been assured, and came to ask me if I knew that when you went from any part in less than 30 seconds, you’d get 50,000 points. In the event you went from the stage in more than 30 seconds, probably the most you would win was one thing within the 1,000-point range. The strategy was clear: to move from the phases as fast as attainable, in lower than 30 seconds.

I made myself misunderstanding about this, and considering that I didn’t know the technique Marcio sang victory, as if he had already gained the championship . He stated that for my comfort, he can be the champion, Dani would take the second place, I might be third. The three of us would win the first three awards, which have been journeys to Disney.

He simply didn’t rely on one factor.

I used to be not capable of move from the primary part in 30 seconds, however I used to be not capable of move from the primary stage to the subsequent. I managed to do that in the second part, within the third, and in several others. Márcio and Dani did not do this. Once they could not attain the 30 seconds in the first levels, they pressed the online game reset.

I keep in mind that the whole press was surrounding Dani within the last as a result of he was the favorite. He had been the winner of the semifinal. A single photographer had sat down next to me, wishing me good luck.

I keep in mind the prosecutor saying that there was one minute left before the final, and I keep in mind listening to a reporter ask Dani what number of factors he had. Five hundred and some thousand. It was once I heard someone shouting: “ The other one is over a million factors! “ The other one is with greater than one million factors! 19659002] And then came that heap of reporters with flashes, cameras and camcorders throughout me. I seemed away from the tv and appeared away. Dani, Márcio, and Daniel had released their controls and have been taking a look at me with their mouths open.

I dropped my control and received up, tears streaming down my face.

And I gained the championship within the Master System category

19659002] The coaching to succeed in the final was very troublesome?

I don’t say troublesome, but laborious. In the qualifying levels, the perfect was to realize the maximum score in the recreation. But for that, typically it was vital to go away the tv on for an entire week, enjoying from 10 to 12 hours a day. In some video games, it was theoretically inconceivable to succeed in the utmost rating: this would have to depart the television on for an entire month.

And I also had another type of unexpected: the light might fall at any moment, because it had already happened earlier than. In addition, it happened to different boys, who have been additionally hitting pictures to send to the journal, to show off the sunshine clock from my house, as a result of they knew I used to be making an attempt to beat my report.

How did you put together to play the good ultimate of the championship?

As I stated above, I educated so much to get to the final. I played all the Master System video games I might discover, I performed Mega Drive games that would improve my reflexes, like the Shadow of the Beast .

She was born of that want to have a Super Nintendo, there in the Championship of VideoGamia, and was strengthened with the will to win the championship of Supergame, something that I had not obtained in the championship of the magazine Action Video games.

Shadow of the Beast

What are the most important variations from the previous and the present championships, which get nice money prizes, in your opinion?

I see that the championships of yesteryear are very totally different from at the moment's championships. At this time, you play towards each other, and beat the one with the perfect strategy. The championships of yesteryear have been fascinating because it was simply you and the game, and gained the one that made the most effective score, or that achieved a greater outcome. As we speak there is a winner and a loser. Before, everybody was a winner. The victory was not gained upon the defeat of one other participant.

I consider that every time has its time, and at present my life could be very totally different from the one by which I stay. that I participated within the videogame championships.

I’m at present married, I’ve two young children, I work all day. At that time I solely studied, had on a regular basis on the planet.

At the moment the time I’ve is counted. But even so every so often I nonetheless find some time to play. I have at house an Xbox 360, a PS4 and a Wii U.

The PS4 only I play, because the games, for probably the most part, aren’t for youngsters. Wii U is unique to boys. They love Sonic and Mario, particularly Tremendous Mario World, which for them is the most effective of all of them

What do you think of this revival of retrogaming, with several basic consoles coming back to the market?

I see this as a longing Individuals play these previous video games because they convey again reminiscences of a past time, of joyful occasions. It's like taking a look at a photograph and remembering the moment when that picture was recorded: this brings up an entire set of feelings, reminiscences.

I discover the current launch of the video video games of previously Grasp System, Mega Drive, Atari , Super Nintendo. And I find that very fascinating. What are the most effective reminiscences you’ve got of the Master System and the Mega Drive? 19659002] I keep in mind very fondly these two video video games, and particularly the Master System. This can be a online game that jogs my memory of those days in my childhood when my pal from faculty took his Grasp hidden in his backpack to play at my home after faculty. Additionally, once I think of this video game, I keep in mind that day when my father, even with out circumstances, purchased one for me. I keep in mind that it was the Master that made potential my classification for the first Brazilian championship of video games, the championship promoted by the journal Action Games. And I also keep in mind that it was additionally the Grasp that certified me to compete in the Supergame championship finals.

Mega Drive, in turn, was a online game that I fell in love with from the primary second. Which has accompanied me for a few years, which has given me memorable moments in my life, with their unforgettable games, with the moments that I spent having fun with them with associates. And it was Mega who allowed my brother to win a videogame championship in Goiânia, which had a Super Nintendo prize, and that allowed me to realize in that very same championship the second place.

It is troublesome to point out my favorite video games on the Grasp System, because I have many other things to do with the Master Revenge of Shinobi.

What are your favourite video games on these consoles and why? favorites. But let's go! First, with out much thought, I put it on the prime of the listing Alex Kidd in Miracle World . Not only because it is likely one of the video games that my good friend took to play after class, which has a relation with the memory of these occasions, but in addition as a result of it is an interesting recreation, lovely, very properly made. I can say that it was the sport that made me need to have a Master System.

In my record of favorites I do not omit the two games of Sonic, and particularly Sonic 2, which was just the game chosen for the ultimate of the Supergame championship. Both are incredible video games, which have their very own allure; usually are not a mere copy or a lower version of their Mega Drive counterparts. Fairly the other!

And the same I can say of the model of Fort of Illusion for the Master, that it’s a spectacular recreation, unique, and really totally different

Continuing the record of favorites, I also embrace R-Sort, Shinobi and Golden Ax, video games that had a superb adaptation of the arcade to the console. And in addition embrace classics like Cloud Grasp, Fantasy Zone 2, Astro Warrior, Aztec Adventure, Marvel Boy, Fortunate Dime Caper, Alex Kidd in Shinobi World, Kenseiden and top-of-the-line Master System video games, for my part: Golvellius – Valey of Doom. What a recreation!

And the way to not keep in mind the revolutionary 3D glasses, the feeling of enjoying Maze Hunter 3D and Area Harrier 3D with them? How can I not keep in mind the fantastic translation work achieved by Tectoy, which translated into our Phantasy Star language? And the variations of video games with characters beloved by the youngsters, which made potential the original and unique production in Brazil, of Monica in the Citadel of the Dragon? What an exquisite job, Tectoy! The Master System brings me many good reminiscences, and I just should thank you for doing all this for us players of that era!

Now, talking about Mega Drive, how not to keep in mind classics like Sonic, Altered Beast, Golden Ax, Moonwalker, The Revenge of Shinobi, Thunder Pressure, the varied Streets of Rage? How can I not keep in mind Kid Chameleon, Quackshot, the duo ToeJam and Earl? And the way do you not take into consideration fantastic RPGs like Phantasy Star, Shinning Drive, Sword of Vermilion?

Sonic's songs are so lovely, so partaking, that to this present day are etched in our memory. They are additionally a part of the repertoire of the Video Video games Reside world tour. I had the opportunity to be in one of the live shows of this tour, when she went via Brasilia, the place I reside, and I confess that I was thrilled to hear the Green Hill Zone music being played by the Brasilia Philharmonic Orchestra, accompanied by the pictures of my beloved character operating by way of the immense display of projection.

And it was not out of sheer nostalgia that emotion. It was enjoying Sonic from the Mega Drive that my brother and I gained that videogame championship in Goiânia.

Concerning the Supergame Championship, did you get to know the legendary “Boss”? What did you think of him? And the “driver” was there?

When the Chief arrived, there was an enormous transfer at McDonalds, which was the place chosen for the final of the championship. Now I miss the reminiscence a bit, because this happened in 1992, but I do not keep in mind speaking to him. However I keep in mind him coming to congratulate me when the championship in the Grasp System category got here to an end.

He was being very harassed that day, and he was smiling all the time. It was an enormous surprise that he appeared within the ultimate, no one knew he would do this. And he was, on the time, a personality who ultimately turned a legend in that era, because of the journal Supergame. If there’s something that I regret, it’s that I did not take a picture with him in order that I can show right here in this interview.

Concerning the driver, I confess I did not get to see her … I don’t assume I even acquired out of the automotive. Because the Chief himself stated, with so many boys there, I feel he thought it greatest to not danger …

the legendary Chief in a uncommon appearance in the Supergame event

Did you get well-known at the time whenever you gained the championship? What do your family, associates, or co-workers think of your current story?

At the time, I was doing numerous games at Video games Membership. The same games retailer that sponsored me in the championship. I keep in mind that after the championship some boys came to ask to take an image with me, to ask for an autograph. I all the time wrote one thing like “you too could be a champion. Only will depend on you”. There was one who challenged me to a Road Fighter recreation, and he beat me. He was all completely satisfied, saying that now he was the Brazilian champion. 🙂

My household, my pals, everybody I do know and who lived that time at my aspect keep in mind that time with an enormous smile on my face. And people who have not skilled that second with me are very joyful, as a result of virtually everyone I know lived this golden age of games, and retains good reminiscences of that time.

My mother and father, after the championships, started to see the video game with different eyes. They encouraged me, supported me, not solely on this, but in all the alternatives I made in my life. I’ve them as a reference and a mannequin of being as an individual, as a father to my youngsters.

My youngsters love videogame, and in the event that they ever need to take part in a championship, in the event that they need to turn into professionals, they’ll have my full help. I solely put one condition: put me in the group. 🙂

[196459002] This question could be very fascinating, but for me the reply shouldn’t be it.

newspaper of Goiania with Danni, Luiz and Márcio in entrance of the Recreation Membership

What are probably the most challenging video games of that time? so troublesome: in comparison with the video games of this new era, I can say that the majority the Master System video games, and in addition the Mega Drive, have been fairly challenging. And I say this as a result of at that time, with uncommon exceptions, there was not the well-known “continue” found within the new games. So, in the event you have been enjoying and dropping all of your lives, you would have to start over from the start of the sport.

Who does not keep in mind arriving at Alex Kidd's citadel, dropping their final life, and having to start out over once more? Or that of R-Sort 7, where by carelessness you have been hit by a shot, it will be virtually unattainable to maneuver to the subsequent degree?

Who performed Alien three, Sol-Feace and Shadow of the Beast on Mega Drive , you’ll certainly keep in mind having gone by means of dangerous morsels. No Master, lembro de um jogo que era impossível de se jogar: Back to the Future.

Em sua opinião, qual a maior diferença entre os videogames daquela época para a atual geração, além dos avanços tecnológicos?

Os jogos de hoje são muito mais elaborados, e fazer uma comparação com aqueles daquele tempo é muito difícil. Os jogos dessa nova geração fascinam pela sua beleza, pelo enredo das suas histórias, pelas músicas muito bem trabalhadas. Quando começo a jogar alguma coisa no PS4, por exemplo, às vezes largo o controle e até me esqueço do jogo. Fico só admirando a riqueza de detalhes do recreation.

Mas mesmo com tantos pontos positivos, percebo que os video games da nova geração tem um problema… Eles são muito longos. Na verdade, longos demais. Para você chegar ao fim de um jogo, terá de passar muitas horas na frente da televisão. E às vezes, horas demais. Quando finalmente o jogo termina já estamos cansados dele, e raramente voltamos a jogá-lo outra vez.

Na época do Grasp, do Mega, jogávamos um mesmo jogo não uma única vez, mas dezenas de vezes. Tudo bem, sejamos honestos, os jogos eram muito mais curtos. Eles não tinham os gráficos de hoje, a mesma riqueza de detalhes. Mas eles tinham seu encanto. Tinham sua magia. E é essa magia que nos fazia retornar a eles uma, duas, dezenas de vezes. É essa magia que nos fazia terminar o jogo e ter vontade de viver aquela aventura mais uma vez. Quem vivenciou aquela geração sabe do que estou falando.

Quais são suas considerações finais sobre o torneio?

Tive a sorte de ter pais que sempre estiveram do meu lado, me apoiando, me incentivando, inclusive na época em que eu comecei a encarar os games com a seriedade que os campeonatos exigiam. Tive a sorte de encontrar pessoas que acreditaram em mim, como o Eudes da Games Membership. Tive a sorte de encontrar pessoas dispostas a tornar realidade o sonho de uma criança, como fizeram o Abel e a Meire da VideoGamia, de quem ganhei meu tão sonhado Super Nintendo.

O que tenho a dizer sobre esse torneio é que ele foi e sempre será uma das grandes lembranças que carregarei na minha vida. Porque esse torneio foi para mim não somente um desafio, mas também uma superação, algo com que sonhei durante toda minha infância e juventude. Agradeço a Deus por ter me ajudado a realizar esse sonho.

Eu me formei em Ciência da Computação, fiz mestrado em Inteligência Synthetic. E segui esse caminho porque os jogos sempre me fascinaram, sempre me encantaram, e a vontade de descobrir que inteligência period essa que conseguia fazer frente à nossa própria inteligência, que era capaz de nos desafiar, de nos fazer rir e chorar na frente da televisão, me fez seguir por esse caminho.

Com o videogame aprendi a ter persistência, ter paciência, a lutar em busca de um objetivo, a aceitar as perdas e reconhecer as conquistas da vida. Eu devo ao videogame minha carreira, e muito do que tenho hoje talvez tenha sido fruto daquele primeiro Atari que ganhei, quando criança.

Para finalizar, gostaria deixar alguma dica para as pessoas que gostariam de participar de campeonatos de retrogaming?

Sim, vamos lá! Primeiro, não queira ser melhor que outra pessoa, e sim melhor que você mesmo. Aquele que hoje você vê como seu rival, amanhã pode se tornar seu melhor amigo. E trabalhando juntos vocês podem fazer muito mais do que simplesmente fazendo isso sozinho.

Eu e meu irmão vencemos aquele primeiro campeonato, anos atrás, trabalhando juntos. O José Guilherme, que nesse mesmo dia period nosso rival, tempos depois acabou se tornando um grande amigo.

Um campeonato não se resume a ganhar ou perder. Existe algo muito mais valioso por trás disso: a experiência vivenciada, as amizades que você faz, as pessoas que conhece.

Tenha em mente que você pode ganhar hoje, mas pode perder amanhã. Tenha a humildade de reconhecer que existem pessoas melhores que você. Não ganhei todos campeonatos que participei, e tenho a  consciência de que aqueles que me venceram foram melhores do que eu. E fizeram por merecer o resultado que conseguiram.

A propósito, se souber de algum campeonato retrogamer, me avise! Quem sabe eu não participo também?


O Blog Tectoy também aproveita esse espaço para homenagear Dionisio Cason, um dos competidores do campeonato da Supergame e que na época tinha 36 anos – ele aparece no vídeo da reportagem.

Infelizmente Dionisio faleceu recentemente, aos 69 anos de idade. Ele era conhecido como um dos maiores gamemaníacos dos anos 80 e 90, deixando seu nome registrado em vários recordes em revistas da época, inclusive no Livro dos Recordes do Grasp Club da Tectoy – confira mais abaixo.

Deixamos aqui nossa homenagem para essa verdadeira lenda dos video games!

Imagens: Sega-BrasilImagens: Sega-Brasil


O Luiz abriu seu baú de raridades e nos passou vários scans de reportagens sobre os campeonatos, incluindo uma matéria com o Dionísio. Prepare sua máquina do tempo e confira abaixo as matérias: