New World Builds: Hatchet & Great Axe


The Hatchet & Great Axe Build centers around damaging the opponent and enhancing the chances of survivability. It’s excellent for solo players who have a hard time clearing dungeon or staying alive against their enemies. Besides that, it is outstanding for expeditions, PVP, group play, etc., making it an all-rounder build in the game. So, if you’ve been looking for something similar, then the following guide is just for you.

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Working on the build

Start off with the Hatchet for 1 Vs 1 scenario to deal immense damage with the Berserk ability. Hatchets offer the best single target DPS in the game, and Berserk increases the damage even further while offering you heal overtime capabilities. You can use the Hatchet abilities, Feral Rush, and Raging Torrent when they are off cooldown to further increase the damage, and then swap to the Great Axe to take multiple enemies down, for this New world Hatchet.

It’s worth noting that if you pull in a significant number of enemies or face a larger group of them (expeditions), then you will need your Great Axe to help you out. The reason is that Great Axe offers wide horizontal strikes that can inflict damage upon multiple enemies, and the key abilities are Maelstrom and Gravity Well.

Gravity Well groups up the enemies and deals additional damage depending upon the targets caught it in after its upgrade. Whereas, Maelstrom can damage multiple targets twice once it’s upgraded in a large AOE, thus, making it ideal for such situations. You can also utilize the Reap ability for increased AOE but in a smaller area.


Both the scale of the weapons with Strength, so you need to center around it while adding your attributes onto this build. It’s recommended that you don’t go higher than 250 Strength at the moment, as there’s a bug in the game that slows your character down. If it’s already fixed, then you can increase the attribute to its maximum range. Besides that, Dexterity is also considered in an amount of 50, as weapons gain +5% Crit Chance, but you’ll be able to see the difference more in Hatchet than in the Great Axe. Lastly, the Constitution attribute is also important to increase your chances of survival.

Hatchet Skills


Berserk is the strongest skill in the game for this New World Hatchet, and once it’s upgraded, it not only increases your damage, but also helps regain your health, makes you uninterruptible during attacks, and increases your speed of movement.

Raging Torrent

Raging Torrent strikes the enemy with four consecutive swift strikes, dealing an insane amount of damage in less time. Since it can be interrupted easily, you need to be careful while using this ability as you don’t want to waste it, for this New World Best Build. The best suggestion would be to time it when the target is CC-ed, or after it has already landed a blow.

Feral Rush

Feral Rush permits you to close in a small amount of gap while placing you back into the melee range of your enemy. It’s also good in terms of inflicting damage, and it can root the target to the ground so that it can no longer move.

Great Axe Skills

Gravity Well

Gravity Well throws an axe, which then creates an orb to slow down and damage the target caught in it. It helps to group up the enemies so that you and your party members can AOE them down, and in PVP scenarios, it can help stop the opponent from escaping your grasp.


Maelstrom is the best AOE skill to have, and once you have upgraded it to its extent, then you can hit twice for this New World Berserker. The best thing about this skill is that you don’t have to aim, you can use the skill without thinking while fighting an enemy who you can’t easily land a hit on.


Reap is a good choice for PVE players to place it as their third ability. It allows you a smaller AOE, which can heal you and offer a decent follow-up once upgraded. It’s reliable for small-scale PVP battles and works well when your Gravity Well is on cooldown, and you’re trying to increase the distance so that your target can be pulled towards you.


Charge allows you to close the gap between your target, and it’s a must-have skill for PVP battles. After you Gravity Well your target, you can utilize Charge to get in range and finish them off for this New World Berserker. It’s good to use against bosses you have moved away from your range or are attacking from a distance.

Weapons & Armor

You’ll need a Hatchet and Great Axe for this build, and you need to look out for weapons with Strength attributes to boost the overall inflicted damage. Besides that, Crit Chance, Empower, or Bleed on Crit Damage or Backstab or Crit Damage are considerable options for enhanced damage output. A Cut Emerald or Jasper is good to utilize in the gem socket slot for increased damage for this New World Best Build. You can alternatively choose to add a Sapphire or Amber into the sockets for constant damage.

In terms of armor, the best option is to go for the Heavy variant as you’ll need maximized protection against enemy targets. It’s known as the best armor in the game because when you’re surrounded by over five enemies, you can avoid the damage from constant hits while focusing on one target at a time, without worrying about ending up dead. You need to either look out for only Strength or Dexterity + Strength in your equipment.