How Get Runescape Membership Online for Free

I know many people that play the famous game Runescape. Many people still play it even to this day. It is such a popular game that it has won so many prestigious awards over the last couple of years. I, myself, have been playing for quite some time now. I’ve played for about five years. I stopped playing that much now because of the lack of time and all the work load I am that is usually put upon me. I also know many of you guys out there want membership but your parents won’t let you have it for personal reason. Don’t fret, because here is the answer to all your needs.
Make a Paypal account

It’s really simple to start a paypal acccount. All you have to do is go to their homepage which is and register for an account. It is absolutely free and requires no documents. It will probably take less than five minutes to register an account. The reason why you need a paypal account is so after you earn money, the site that you got the money from will know where to send it too. This account will keep all the money you have earned online. Don’t worry, paypal is a very safe site and it is promoted for it’s safe transaction with online sites. The money will always be in the account if you don’t spend so you don’t have to worry about someone leeching into your account. Now we will go on to the topic on how to get the money.

Making Money

There are many sites online now that allows you to make money for whatever reason. Some that I personally know of is and These two sites allows the user to write just about anything you want and publish it for money. So, if you write an article and it gets published you will get paid for it. The money will be sent to your paypal account usually by the end of the month or the beginning, depending on which site you are using. These sites allows you not only to improve your writing skills but allows you to make money in the process of it. So once you get enough money to pay for your Runescape membership, you’ll be good to go.

There are other ways to make money online if you don’t want to write or you just don’t like writing. You can make a blog and It allows you to make a blog and post anything you want. You don’t even need to have that much computer skills to work it. Just click and select whatever you want to be put on your blog. Once the blog has people viewing it then you will be paid for all the ads they put on your blog. You will get additionally paid for every time someone clicks on the ad. So in conclusion, you make a blog and you write stuff on it you will get paid. Easy as pie.

There are many other sites that allows you to make money that I haven’t heard of. If you already have an account and is already making money for you membership that’s great. I applaude you, but if you haven’t yet then you better get started cause the sooner you get the money for the membership the sooner you can get on and play to your hearts content.